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Introduction to CSU certification team:

      CSU certification is a sword sharpener, and the technical team of Standard United started from the smallest enterprise, and has worked hard with numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in every step. We are familiar with the hardships and difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, and more familiar with their struggle and difficulty. They are full of hope and a great future in this society. In the face of mud, they are strong by nature, and watch them grow bigger and stronger, giving birth to the sense of achievement and dream of the people of Standard Link. Perhaps it is this sense of achievement that allows us to spare no effort to fight side by side with small and medium-sized enterprises in these years. We know more about Chinese enterprises. I am in the Standard Alliance and can do anything! It is the eternal theme of the technical team of Standard Link. We are committed to helping SMEs improve product quality and service quality. We insist that every technician of the Standard Alliance must start from practice. Therefore, Standard Link is also a cumulative result. Willing to learn, not impetuous, willing to work hard, and loving customers are the basic principles for the survival of every Standard Link person! After years of baptism and technological precipitation, we have a certified technical team that is used to helping SMEs grow healthily, willing to pay for the enterprise, and capable of doing well for the enterprise.

We firmly believe that certification is to gather the strength of China's rise!

Bearing hope, being healthy, and being omnipotent are the eternal theme of our people!