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CSU认证承诺CSU certification commitment:

     CSU certification will adhere to the national certification and accreditation management requirements, and maintain the independent, fair, authoritative and effective certification concept. CSU certification will become a symbol of customer integrity, innovation and quality. Therefore, we will do the following:


     In order to ensure the authority and fairness of the certification, it is strictly prohibited to have any unfair or bribery behavior in the certification process, and it is strictly prohibited to have any behavior detrimental to fairness in the certification process; Once it happens, we will terminate the labor relationship with relevant personnel and suspend the certification!

    All certification service and audit personnel should keep a craftsman's heart when joining the organization, have the belief and responsibility to create value for the enterprise, and have clear rewards and punishments;

    Hold the compliance bottom line and improve value-added services; If any product or service of the applicant fails to meet the certification requirements, we will not accept and certify it!
    We welcome the supervision and complaints from all sectors of the society, and we will actively treat your questions and reply in a timely manner!


    CSU certification is willing to associate with any individual or organization with dreams, quality, credit and originality. CSU is willing to be the wing of every organization's dream, and your future is the direction of our struggle! Let's work together to build a lasting foundation!