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CSU认证机构文化 :


CSU Certification Agency Culture:

Business tenet: do a good job in certification service and build a quality China!

Business policy: verify the truth, transfer trust and build quality!

Business objective: Let CSU become a symbol of customer integrity, innovation and quality!

Analysis: Certification is a high-level technical service industry related to enterprise credit, product quality and social culture. Certification output will determine the rise and fall of enterprise credit, product quality, social culture and national development. Therefore, we require every technical worker of CSU to constantly create value for Chinese enterprises through professional technical ability, standardized service level and international strategic thinking, with the mission of doing a good job in certification services and building a quality China. Become a driver for the development of every organization in the enterprise! With true feelings, we will actively work together with countless small and medium-sized enterprises, understand their needs and expectations, improve their quality and dreams, improve their credit and ideas, and stimulate their innovation and thinking. Use our knowledge and sweat, piety and technology to jointly build Made in China 2025 with them! Let the grand blueprint of "Made in China" have a strong mark of CSU. Do a good job in certification service and build a quality China!